Training Site Alignment

CPR Suppliers Features

  • Purchase Product & Materials
  • Rent Equipment
  • Rent Classrooms
  • Post Classes on CPR Suppliers
  • Onsite & Classroom Instructor Opportunities
  • Instructor Business Listing
  • Training Site Business Listing
  • Training Site Ecommerce Listing
  • Issue CPR Suppliers eCards to Students
  • Issue & Sell CPR Suppliers eCards to Instructors
  • Issue & Sell CPR Suppliers eCards to eCard Locations
  • Issue CPR Suppliers Instructor eCards
  • CPR Suppliers Training Site Logo Use
  • CPR Suppliers Custom Event Plugin Use
  • CPR Suppliers Custom Product Plugin Use

Enrollware Features

  • Manage Past & Upcoming Classes
  • Manage Students & Scores
  • Manage Electronic Class Rosters
  • Assign Instructors to Classes
  • Manage Class Locations
  • Manage Clients
  • Manage Instructors
  • Student Class Registration System
  • View Reports

AHA Features

  • Instructor Network TC Alignment
  • Issuance of AHA Instructor Card
  • AHA TC Faculty Member Creation
  • Post Classes on AHA Instructor Network
  • Attend AHA Instructor Updates
  • eCard Location Creation
  • Training Site Creation
  • Issue AHA Provider eCards to Students
  • Issue & Sell AHA Provider eCards to Instructors
  • Issue & Sell AHA Provider eCards to eCard Locations
  • Authorized AHA Training Site Logo Use

The Industry Leader of Healthcare Education

With our over 40 years of experience we offer Training Site Alignment offered through being a American Heart Association Nation Training Center.