Instructor Alignment

CPR Suppliers Features

  • Purchase Official AHA Provider eCards
  • Purchase Discounted AHA Digital Materials
  • Purchase Discounted CPR Equipment
  • Download AHA Student Exams
  • Accept Onsite & Classroom Clients
  • Rent Equipment & Classrooms
  • Instructor Map Listing
  • Staffing Opportunities
  • Biz Development & Marketing Services
  • Resell Official AHA Provider eCards
  • Purchase Official AHA Instructor eCards

Enrollware Features

  • Search Students
  • Manage Student Records & Exam Scores
  • Issue AHA eCards via AHA Direct Connect
  • Upload & Manage Course Records
  • Manage Instructor Records
  • Post Classes *Inquire*
  • Manage Clients *Inquire*
  • Class Registration System *Inquire*
  • Payment Processing *Inquire*

AHA Features

  • AHA Instructor Network Alignment
  • Issue AHA eCards to Students Directly
  • Access to AHA Course Materials
  • Issue AHA Digital Student Manuals
  • Issue AHA Digital Courses
  • Access AHA Digital Instructor Manuals
  • Access to AHA Digital Videos & Materials
  • Issue AHA Digital Student Exams
  • Issue AHA eCards on Behalf of Instructors
  • AHA eCard Location Creation
  • Shareable AHA eCard Location Inventory
  • AHA eCard Location Admin Creation
  • Issue AHA Digital Instructor Manuals
  • AHA Training Site Creation
  • AHA Training Site Admin Creation
  • AHA Faculty Member Creation
  • Issue AHA eCards to Instructors for use
  • Issue AHA Digital Instructor Exams
  • Conduct AHA Instructor Courses
  • Conduct AHA Instructor Monitoring
  • Align Instructors with your Training Site
  • Post Classes on AHA Class Connector
  • Training Site Listing on AHA Class Connector

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With over 40 years of experience we offer Instructor, eCard Location and Training Site Alignment through CPR Suppliers an American Heart Association Nationwide Training Center.