Laerdal® Little Family Pack – Light Skin



The Little Family Pack is a convenient package of age-specific CPR training manikins with a wheeled carry case for ease of transport and storage.

  • Following the launch of Little Anne® QCPR, Little Junior™ QCPR, and updated Baby Anne®, we have updated the Little Family Pack to now include these new versions.
  • Torso-only, adult and child manikins and full-body, neonatal manikin
  • Trains students to open airway and perform CPR
  • Anatomical landmarks for correct training
  • Head lift/chin tilt
  • Clicker for measuring compression depth on the adult and child manikin
  • Easily removable airways and faces for multiple use
  • Convenient design for portability
  • Demonstrates realistic anatomical differences among ages
  • Light-skinned manikins
  • Includes Little Anne® QCPR manikin, 2 Little Anne® Airways, 2 Little Anne® faces, Little Junior™ QCPR manikin, 2 Little Junior™ Airways, 2 Little Junior™ faces, Baby Anne® manikin, 6 Baby Anne® airways, 1 Baby Anne® face, 3 training mats, 10 foreign body objects for Baby Anne®, 3 Vikron rapid packs, 12 manikin wipes, 3 directions for use, and a Little Family Pack carrying case
  • Warranty: 1 year