FR2/+ Trng/Admin Pack



Accessory that converts the Philips HeartStart FR2 or FR2+ AEDs or Laerdal FR2 or FR2+ AEDs from live to training machines

The Philips FR2 Training and Administration Pack is an accessory that can be used with you Philips HeartStart FR2 or FR2+ AEDs (models M3860A and M3861A) or Laerdal FR2 or FR2+ AEDs (models M3840A and M3841A).

  • Allows conversion of live AED into a non-shocking training unit
  • Customize or reprogram the FR2’s setup
    • Set the time and date on the FR2’s clock
    • Read setup from a data card
    • Receive setup through the FR2 via infrared communication
    • Manually modify setup of the FR2
    • Send setup from one FR2 to another via infrared communication
    • Write setup to a data card
  • When used as a training tool, adult training electrode pads or infant/child training electrode pads may be used.
  • Includes:
    • Training & Administration Pack
    • Instruction booklet.

 Important! The charger (model number M3855A) is required and is no longer available. You may use this product if you currently have, or have access to, a charger.