D.A.R.T. Sim License for PC/Mac

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Software license(s) be used with the D.A.R.T. Sim Bag (ACLS or PALS) #50-640, #50-678, #50-676, #50-677, #50-447, and #50-639. DART Sim ECG simulator software is available for computer download only. Windows XP or MacOSX or later operating system is required.


  • 25 cardiac rhythms
  • View or print all 24 rhythms in 12-lead
  • 18 capnography waveforms
  • 21 trauma/medical x-rays
  •  Upload your own 12-lead or radiology images
  • 35 ACLS, PALS (12 AHA Core cases), and NRP scenarios
  • Create your own scenarios
  • Adjust all vitals with a wireless mini keyboard
  • PACER function
  • Synchronized cardioversion
  • Set custom alarms
  • Defibrillate 1–360 Joules
  • Give 38 different medications
  • CodeTrack—print a code report for debriefing
  • Pause, stop, fast forward, or go back within the scenarios

Receive free updates, no yearly fees!

D.A.R.T. Sim will not install on an Android or Chrome operating system. D.A.R.T. Sim also will not install on a limited version of Windows called Windows RT. 

This product is non-returnable

The turnaround time is about 24 hours, except for orders placed on Saturday & Sunday


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