Cardiac Science Powerheart® G5 AED with iCPR Electrodes, Fully-Automatic

Cardiac Science Powerheart AED G5 Fully-Automatic Package with iCPR w/ dual language (English/Spanish) — includes iCPR

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Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 AED

The Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 was the first FDA-cleared AED to combine fully automatic shock delivery, dual-language functionality, variable escalating energy, and fast shock times. This device enables both professionals and first-time users to swiftly provide effective, lifesaving therapy. Its ease of use, reliability and advanced technology can help anyone respond to a sudden cardiac arrest emergency. From schools and offices to police squads and healthcare facilities, the Cardiac Science Powerheart AED G5 is trusted to get the job done wherever it's needed.

What's Included

New Cardiac Science Powerheart AED G5
8 Year Warranty
1 Set of ICPR Adult PADs (2 Year Shelf-Life)
G5 Intellisense Battery (4 Year Warranty)
G5 AED Carry Case
User Manual
FREE Premium AED+CPR Fast Response Kit
FREE Inspection / Maintenance Tag Details
FREE AED “Equipped Facility” Decal / Sticker
FREE Shipping

Product Features

The Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 AED is simple to use and easy to transport.

  • Rescue Coach – User-paced voice and text prompts guide each step of the rescue process.
  • Effective Therapy – With a fast shock time of 10 seconds or less, the G5 customizes the shock to deliver the appropriate energy needed to each patient. If more than one shock is needed, the Powerheart G5 will increase the energy output to an appropriate level.
  • ICPR PADs – This unit monitors the quality of both chest compression depth and rate. If either compression rate or depth is outside the American Heart Association parameters, the rescuer will receive a short corrective prompt.
  • Bilingual – Change the voice prompt to English or Spanish with the press of a button without restarting or delaying the rescue.
  • Rugged Exterior – With Ingress Protection Rating 55 against dust and water for performance in harsh environments, this device meets rigorous military standards for shock and vibration testing.
  • Rescue Ready Technology – The Cardiac Service Powerheart G5 self-checks its battery, hardware, software, and PADs daily. The AED completes a partial charge of the high-voltage electronics weekly and a full charge monthly. The highly-visible Rescue Ready indicator assures rescuers that they are retrieving a working AED.
  • RHYTHMx Technology – RHYTHMx heart rhythm-analysis technology filters ECG signals for noise and classifies cardiac rhythms as shockable or non-shockable.
  • Non-Polarized PADs – The G5’s non-polarized PAD options allow PADs to be placed interchangeably on either location of the patient’s chest, reducing confusion and hesitation during rescue.
  • Intellisense Battery – A medical-grade battery communicates its status and usage information to the AED.
  • Trusted – For over 2 decades, Cardiac Science has developed patented technologies that have shaped the public rescue industry.

Key Specifications

Condition: New

Warranty: 8 Years

Height: 3.4 in

Width: 9.0 in

Depth: 11.8 in

Weight: 5.7 lb

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* This item ships within 45 days of purchase or your money back*


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