Ambu® AuraOnce Disposable Laryngeal Mask, Size 1



This laryngeal mask kit provides safety and convenience in a sterile, single-use design.

  • Cuff and airway tube are a single unit, with smooth sides. 
  • Ultra thin pilot balloon provides precise tactile indication of intubation.
  • Extra soft cuff ensures the best possible seal with the least amount of intra-cuff pressure.
  • Unique curved airway tube replicates human anatomy.
  • Reinforced tip ensures correct placement.
  • No sharp ridges that can scratch airway walls
  • Built-in bite block
  • For training and real rescue
  • Packaged in individual sterile peel-packs
  • Full range of sizes available
  • Includes mask, syringe, and lubricant
  • .4 mm soft cuff
  • 15 mm connector
  • Maximum intra-cuff pressure: 60 cm H2O
  • Max cuff inflation volume: 4 ml
  • Size 1 (0–11 Lbs)