AHA BLS/Heartsaver® Instructor Essentials Course DVD – Portuguese



This DVD contains everything needed to conduct the hands-on, classroom-based portion of AHA’s BLS or Heartsaver® Instructor Essentials courses.

  • Updated to reflect the 2015 AHA Guidelines, educational methodologies, and BLS and Heartsaver® courses
  • Intended for BLS training center faculty conducting BLS or Heartsaver® Instructor Essentials courses
  • Before receiving a BLS instructor card, candidates must have a current BLS Provider course completion card; then successfully complete the BLS Instructor Essentials Online course and successfully complete the course monitoring.

Special notes:

  • BLS instructors can teach the BLS Provider course and any course within the Heartsaver® portfolio.
  • Instructor candidates interested in only the Heartsaver® Instructor Essentials course must have a current Heartsaver® course completion card or BLS Provider card.
  • Heartsaver® instructors can only teach courses in the Heartsaver® portfolio.

DVD contains:

  • BLS Instructor Essentials Content (27 minutes runtime)
    • Life Is Why™
    • High Performance Team Activity
    • BLS Skills Scenarios
  • Heartsaver Instructor Essentials Content (17 minute runtime)
    • Life Is Why™