Instructor Guide

CPR Suppliers LLC is committed to making sure all of it's aligned instructor & training sites follow the guidelines of the American Heart Association & American Red Cross to full compliance. Figuring out all of the documentation needed may be time consuming & difficult, so we created this easy to use tool. Start by choosing the situation below, that best describes your circumstance.

New Instructor

This option should be elected by instructor candidates, that have never been certified as an instructor before. This option is most applicable to instructor candidates that are preparing to take an instructor course or have just completed it.

Renewal Instructor

This option should be elected by existing instructors, that have already been aligned with CPR Suppliers as their primary or secoundary alignment. Instructors selecting this option should be expired, close to expiring or wanting to renew their status.

Transfering Instructor

This option should be elected by instructors wishing to transfer to CPR Suppliers or instructors who want to elect a secondary alignment with CPR Suppliers. Transfering instructors should already be existing instructors aligned to another Training Center.