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BLS Instructor Course Online with CPR Suppliers

Complete an instructor training with CPR Suppliers, the world's largest training center. Online courses have become the future since COVID-19. AHA Instructor courses can be taken all online, similar to taking the AHA BLS Instructor Essentials Course Online. Instructor candidates are CPR Instructor certified from home, work or their place of choosing. New American Heart Association Guidelines have made this possible, you don't even need to purchase expensive equipment initially. Instructor candidates, choose a date and time to participate in the AHA BLS Instructor Certification Course Online. Once the date and time has been confirmed, candidates will join the one on one course via Google Meet. During the course instructors will be set up with the ability to digitally manage records, purchase regulated AHA eCards as well as being granted alignment on the AHA Instructor Network. CPR Suppliers, considers itself one of the most entrepreneurial training centers in existence. Boasting no alignment fees, no monitoring fees, as well as some of the cheapest AHA eCard prices around. CPR Suppliers does not micromanage or limit instructors abilities, Instructors can choose to be aligned as an Instructor, eCard or Training Site as soon as completing the course. CPR Suppliers Instructors have access to mentoring, as well as assisting opportunities to gain confidence before being monitored. The only fee you pay every 2 years, would be the cost of purchasing your new instructor eCard.


Those wishing to become an American Heart Association BLS Instructor Online, should begin by mastering the BLS Provider or BLS Certification Course. Once a potential instructor candidate completes the BLS Provider course, they then are encouraged to purchase a BLS Instructor Manual eBook. This would be in addition to the BLS Provider Manual eBook already in possession, required for BLS Provider. All materials can be purchased at a discount through CPR Suppliers, feel free to price match. Once a potential AHA Instructor feels they have adequate knowledge to teach others, they would be required to take the BLS Instructor Essentials Online prerequisite. Upon Completion of the AHA Instructor essentials, candidates will receive a certificate of completion. The certificate of completion is presented with the Instructor Candidate Application & TC Alignment Agreement. CPR Suppliers then Accepts the potential instructor and prepares for the BLS Instructor Course date and time. The day of the instructor course, materials as well as a google meet link are sent via email. Through the attendance of the course, instructors will review and understand the Program Administrative Manual. Access the AHA Instructor Network, Enrollware and be taught how to issue and purchase AHA eCards self sufficiently.

Additional Information

Becoming a BLS Instructor can be a lucrative career, some instructors make more than 6 figures a year. They do this by offering BLS courses to the public, through BLS online Skills Sessions or In-person BLS Courses. On-Site Training is also another way to earn the big bucks, Instructors contract with all kinds of corporations and schools for their training needs. CPR Suppliers also refers students daily, as well as offering pre scheduled On-Site training opportunities as well. The average salary for a BLS instructor, who goes to work for someone else. On average will make thirty to fifty dollars per hour. So even if you don't want to run your own business, you can't beat the wages and profit shares being offered these days.







Become An AHA Instructor, eCard Location or Training Site

Join the global network of CPR certification providers as an American Heart Association or Red Cross Instructor, eCard Location or Training Site. CPR Suppliers offers free alignment for new and existing instructors worldwide. While also providing online Instructor courses 7 days a week, as well as multiple other benefits. Such as the ability to purchase regulated AHA eCards at will, access to purchase materials and equipment cheaper than or Join the worlds largest Training Center today, and we will even send you students & onsite clients!


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With over 40 years of experience we offer Instructor, eCard Location and Training Site Alignment through CPR Suppliers an American Heart Association Nationwide Training Center.